Chota Bheem
October 14th - 15th

Meet Chhota Bheema and his gang, attend amazing Diwali workshops and have boat loads of fun at this Playful Adventure.

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Geoffrey's Star

Time For A Playful Adventure!

Geoffrey has arrived in India with the launch of the first Toys"R"Us store at Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore. To celebrate his arrival, he's bringing Chhota Bheem and his gang to Toys"R"Us for a Playful Adventure so that he can have an awesome time with your kid. We guarantee you that your kid doesn't want to miss this!

bumblebee Mighty Raju
bumblebee Jaggu
bumblebee Chhota Bheem
bumblebee Chutki

Become 'Certified Bheemtastic'

Attend Bheem's interactive workshops and learn awesome new things while having fun. On completion of any of the workshops, you'll receive a 'Certified Bheemtastic' certificate and become a 100% authentic adventurer.

Geoffrey's Star



Geoffrey & Friends

Now that Geoffrey's here, he's going to bring new friends to Toy"R"Us every month to have fun. Stay tuned to see which other friends Geoffrey's bringing to Toys"R"Us for your kids.

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