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Get, set, play!

Geoffrey's here; and his friends too! And they're about to have a party like none other. We promise you games and toys and oodles of fun to go with it! So gear up for India's greatest toy party. We guarantee that you wouldn't want to miss it!

bumblebee Bumblebee
bumblebee Strawberry Kiss
bumblebee Dora
bumblebee Motu Patlu
bumblebee Play Doh

Fun Times Ahoy!

No toy party is complete without a trick or few. But in this one, we’ll teach you how to impress. With experts teaching you how to make masks, accessories and more, there’s something in store for every child. Even the one in you!

Geoffrey's Star

WorkshopsOctober 7th - 8th


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India's greatest toy party is here! With Geoffrey and friends bringing the party to life, it's time for you to meet, great and get jiggy with 'em!

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